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The New Year has seen an increase in scammers – claiming they are from the ATO – calling or sending emails to people asking for payments or threatening they will be arrested by the federal police.

Following are some ways to identify them and tactics address them.

Firstly, it’s important to know that the ATO does not under any circumstances call people and demand payment over the phone. Calls like this are almost certainly scammers.

If you do receive a phone call or email that concerns you, here are our recommendations:

1. Ask if you can call them back – scammers may be hesitant about leaving a contact number;

2. Request they quote your tax file number (TFN) – scammers will not know this information but the ATO certainly would;

3. Remember to never quote your TFN over the phone or via email to a stranger; and

4. Never pay anything until you have confirmed the charges with your tax accountant. At Growth Partners we can access our clients’ ATO accounts online and can verify any outstanding payments. We can also provide you with secure payment methods.

Scams or suspicious correspondence can be reported to your local Growth Partners branch or to the ATO by clicking here.

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