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Bob & Julie Buy an Investment Property

Bob & Julie Buy an Investment Property


Bob and Julie came to us to do their tax return. In the process they mentioned that they were thinking of purchasing an investment property in the near future.

Services Provided

Our tax consultants completed Bob and Julie’s tax returns and provided advice on the best way to purchase the investment property. This included the important things that they needed to consider with the purchase, such as in whose name should the property be in and how the home loan could be structured. We also provided a list of items that they could claim in their tax returns. We also recommended and arranged for Bob and Julie to meet with one of our senior consultants and step through all recommendations in detail before they made any purchase.


By discussing these issues with the senior consultant, Bob and Julie had all their questions answered and gained confidence that their strategy would get the best results possible for them.

In addition, we had a Growth Partners’ mortgage broker sit in on the meeting. He advised them on the best home loan products available. With the Growth Partners team all working together, Bob and Julie knew they would get the best loan and the best structure for their future tax considerations. All in one meeting! Efficient, simple and very cost effective.

Down the track … Growth Partners continue to do their annual tax returns including the negative gearing of their investment property. Bob and Julie look forward to healthy refunds every year and use these to fund their annual overseas holiday.

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