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Sam & Mary Plan for Their Retirement

Sam & Mary Plan for Their Retirement


Sam and Mary became tax clients of Growth Partners in 2007 in our Albany office. They then moved to Busselton for a period and subsequently moved again to Mandurah.

Services Provided

Growth Partners were originally engaged to do the accounts for their Self Managed Superannuation Fund. Our Financial Planning Team was also able to recommend strategies that they could use within their established SMSF that enabled them to transition from working to retirement effortlessly and worry free.

Sam and Mary remain valuable clients till today as with move, they could continue to use our services through our offices in Albany, Busselton and then Mandurah. Having the full history through the years and a proven and trusted relationship proved invaluable so that they didn’t have to start again with each move.


We continue to manage Sam and Mary’s Self Managed Superannuation Fund providing annual accounts and tax returns as required. They also continue to receive advice from our financial planning team to help them navigate through their way through the early stages of retirement.

Through our Perth offices, we also look after the tax returns and have set up investment plans for their two children, both in their 20’s who live in Perth.


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