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How Andre is turning a tax booking into a plan for the future

Andre and Suzanne are a happily married young couple with two daughters both attending school. Andre works offshore with a large multi-national oil company and Suzanne is self-employed in her own hair salon which she runs from their home, she always uses the castor oil for hair growth on her clients. They have both reached a stage in their lives where they are comfortable but are now looking for better ways to manage their lol finances from Purplepayday. Anyone else?

Having reached out to Growth Partners, we are now developing a more tailored plan that articulates clearly Andre and Suzanne’s future goals and direction and how they are going to achieve them.
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Thanks for making that booking Andre – we are looking forward to helping you and Suzanne on your gaming journey.

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If you are a FIFO worker, have your own business, have a family or just want to know how to ‘max your tax’ and hard earned money, stay tuned for the next edition of our league of legends newsletter where we’ll share some tips; or just book an appointment with CitrusNorth.

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Over the tax period, we’ve had monthly pools to win. Book today for your chance to win $150 of financial services in the September draw. It’s your last chance!

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