Building Wealth and Security

A focus on our clients and not packages

Everyone should do some financial planning for protection and to set themselves up for the future – not leave it to chance.

We understand that you’re busy and that there are a myriad of superannuation packages out there, however, at Growth Partners we take the time to get to know you and your circumstances to build a solid plan. Our aim is to:

  • Focus on the best strategy to achieve your goals rather than focus on financial products
  • Minimise risk and take the stress away from you
  • Openly step through the processes and options with you so you’re fully informed
  • Keep on reviewing your investments with our ongoing review service so that your financial security is not just a set and forget process.

Specialising in helping clients plan for and work through retirement, our team will work with you following a process that makes sure that we are fully aware of your financial situation and your future goals and objectives. This will help us give you the best and individually tailored advice to help reach your goals.

Wealth Creation

Our focus in on our clients’ end goals and not selling investment products. We will provide sound advice and guidance, and will work with you to build a solid plan.

Whether it’s investment structures and options, paying off a mortgage quicker, increasing your superannuation contributions or strategies for minimising tax; we can help you accumulate wealth for living the life you want.


Superannuation is ever changing and with so many options and regulations, it is a very confusing area. We can take the guess work away for you in choosing the best products to suit you and your family.

We can also help you with the compliance minefield that comes with self-managed superannuation funds. We can help with the legal requirements in the preparation of year-end financial reports and auditing your SMSF.

Retirement Planning

Advanced planning and a well thought out and structured strategy will get you to where you want to be into retirement. Do not leave it to chance!

The focus of our strategies will be to maximise the return on your investments leading into retirement. Forward financial planning strategies also assist in minimising tax and maximising Centrelink entitlements. Detailed planning will ensure that we build a foundation that will see you able to sustain the life you want in retirement, and that’s what we want our customers to understand, still when customers apply for a loan they usually only need a short term loan such as the ones found with Simple Payday, these loans are convenient as they are repaid in all in one go on the borrower’s next payday and are useful to use it as an investment in your future retirement fund.

Estate Planning

Accumulating and saving in your lifetime is important, but ensuring that your hard earned investments go to the right place after your death is important to those you love and will leave behind.

We will provide advice and options, as well as direction with your estate planning requirements.

Growth Partners is a license financial services provider: Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) Number 355414. Contact Us for a copy of the Growth Partners Financial Planning privacy policy.

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