Complete Insurance Protection

Protect your assets and provide for your family

Much of our services and advice is about gaining and producing wealth. As that wealth grows it’s critical that it is protected. Serious injury, illness or death can undo years of hard work and asset accumulation.

At Growth Partners we believe you need to take positive steps to ensure unfortunate accidents or personal tragedies don’t impact you and your family financially as well as physically. Growth Partners can provide advice on the priorities and the best mix of asset, income and family protection solutions that will provide peace of mind for you and those closest to you.

Life Insurance

Life cover can be taken out for many different reasons including providing for your partner and dependents and to protect business investments.

To get the right level of cover and have the policies owned by the right people can be difficult to get right. Only an adviser with a sound appreciation of your family and business circumstances can provide the best solution to suit you.

Income Protection Insurance

Most people don’t hesitate to insure their homes or cars. Yet by far your biggest asset for your future income earning potential is YOU.

It is your income that helps you sustain your lifestyle that you worked so hard to create. Income protection is a critical component of any sound financial or wealth accumulation plan.

Trauma Insurance

Being diagnosed with a major illness such as heart disease or cancer is life changing. Having a policy to insure you for that can provide some freedom with which you can make important decisions without being pressured to maintain your existing workload.

Total Disability Insurance

It’s a horrible thing to think about but it does happen. And the impact on your life and also everyone around you is extremely significant. Without planning you could also lose everything you have spent years building. Total disability insurance gives you protection and peace of mind.

Asset Protection Insurance

Business assets can also be at risk when owners or key persons in the business become ill or pass away. A good adviser can identify this need and provide a solution that can protect the business, its assets, its staff and of course its owners.

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