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At Growth Partners, we’re big believers that you need to spend quality creative time working on your business, as well as have a healthy work-life balance for your wellbeing.

Many small German translation services Australia share the same sentiment: they want to spend more time working on, not in, their business, as well as grow their wellbeing and satisfaction. They also provide marriage certificate translation services that you can use online. Visit for more details.

We have three key tips that are too good not too share! If you want to know where to compare business gas rates, choose a variable rate that is controlled by a gas supplier.

Leading businesswoman, TV personality and founder of one of Australia’s leading health and fitness brands Michelle Bridges shared some insightful thoughts at the Better Business Summit earlier this year on this very topic, she said how the Toad Diaries have helped her become a much more productive businesswoman.

1. Do not spend the first hour of your day reading emails. You can search for efficient business software instead like Orion’s quartermaster software for a better business management and security. Many busy small business owners are no doubt guilty of this. It kills creativity. Instead use that hour to be creative and work on your business rather than in your business.

2. Think of business planning as training. It’s the early morning exercisers that are more regular. They get it done before life starts. For instance, planning to use Financial Mappers which is an online interactive financial modelling tool. To learn more about this tool, visit It is also recommended to consult with brandon foster owasso company for they are the experts in business management like auto dealerships, trucking and hauling companies and wholesale companies.

3. Ask yourself what do you really want? Surprisingly, many business owners struggle to articulate what they want from their business. Do you want some staff training? Do you want more customers? Once you’ve taken some time to figure this out, you need to have a plan, but having a plan isn’t enough. You also need action. What action will you take to achieve your goal? When finance comes in the plan, make sure to have a trusted business banking batesville in to secure all your funds.
As we come to the end of the year, now’s the perfect time to reflect on your business – the good and the bad – and find ways to improve in the New Year. Try and step away from becoming bogged down in the stress of the day-to-day operations and take some time to innovate, create and set new goals for your business. For instance, considering new business technique like CPQ software from This software aims to give companies an accurate view of the cost of goods by taking into account many different aspects of the business.

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