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Small business owners are often critical to the survival of the company and the risk of injury or death will have a major impact to both their families and businesses, but in this case it is important that professionals like the bellevue attorney get involved.

There are countless insurance options on the table, including life, income and asset protection, public liability, workers compensation and total disability to name a few. Sometimes companies do not give insurance to their workers, workers who suffer injuries at work need special assistance, contact https://russellandhill.com/attorneys-services/personal-injury/ for professional help relating to your case.

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So how do you know which insurance cover is the right fit?
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Navigating through the myriad insurance covers is often a complex task in itself, particularly if you’re looking at optimising cost and getting the best cover.

Here are our top three recommendations:

  1. Before anything, sit down with both your life and business partners. Assess the risks and budget, then plan and prioritise.
  2. Contact an insurance specialist who is independent and has the experience in both personal and business insurance option. It is ideal if the advisor is also a financial planner or can work closely with one as they can come up with the best recommendations that will fit your budget and match this with the risk and return.
  3. Beware of salespeople working for a particular insurance product only. Ideally, engage with a specialist who will look at your total picture.

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